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FAQ & Glossary of Terms


Q. How can I pay my bill?
A. There are four convenient ways to pay your insurance bill with us: online, mail, phone or drop off a payment to us at The Gatto Agency. See the Make Payments page for more details.

Q. What if my bill is due today?
A. If you have not yet cancelled, arrangements can be made to keep your account out of cancellation provided that you call us to make the necessary arrangements in time.

Q. What kinds of coverages are right for me?
A. They are many factors to consider when shopping for insurance: premium, coverages, your own net worth, duration of the policy term and others. We have been helping people understand their options for over sixty years. Simply call us and we can help ask the right questions and provide solutions that fit your own situation.

Q. What should I do if I get in an accident?
A. First make sure that if anyone is in need of medical attention they receive it promptly.Second, if safe to do so, move your car out of the way of traffic. Third, make sure you get the other person's information: name, drivers license number, DOB, year/make/model/tags of the other vehicles and names and phone numbers of any witnesses. It is not mandatory that the police come to the scene, but it is often beneficial if they do. Lastly, it is not your responsibility to determine who caused the accident. There is no need to admit or accuse others of fault at the scene.

Q. What discounts can I get?
A. Our goal is to provide you with the best service at great rates. Here is a list of some the discounts we offer to help us get you the best deal around: For auto insurance- multi-car, anti-theft, low mileage, one time payment, good driving record, drivers education, experienced driver, passive restraints, etc. For homeowners insurance, save 20% on your annual premium when you have both your home and auto insured with Arbella Mutual!

Q. How do I report a claim?
A. There are three ways to report a claim: online through, over the phone to Arbella, or over the phone to The Gatto Agency. We recommed that you call The Gatto Agency to report your claim so we can advise you about the best course of action.

Q. Should I carry an umbrella policy?
A. A personal umbrella policy provides high value liability coverage which will protect you if you are sued for causing injury to another party. The common coverage limits are from one million up to five million, and the coverage is not too expensive when you carry the required underlying liability limits on your cars and house. Carrying a personal umbrella policy can protect your assets like your home, investments and savings from being attached in a adversarial lawsuit.

Q. What kind of insurance does the Gatto Agency Offer?
A. The Gatto Agency offers four kinds of insurance: Vehicle, Home, Umbrella and Commercial.

Q. What is the advantage of having an insurance agent?
A. There are many advantages to having an agent. The most important is that we understand every person is unique and not just a number. We help customize your policy to meet your individual needs. We understand that our job is to advocate for you so you don't have to spend as much time worrying about rates and claims. Lastly, you can talk to a friendly human being who knows you, rather than sitting on hold for hours or being transferred around to different unknown departments.

Glossary of Terms


An insurance binder is a document that guarantees coverage on your new home or auto as of a certain date and time. Binders are most often required by banks and other lenders when you close a loan.

Bodily Injury

Referred to as "bodily injury to others" on the Mass auto policy, this coverage protects you when you are sued by an injured person who claims your actions caused their injury. Part 1 of the auto policy provides the mandatory coverage of 10/20 (10,000 per person/20,000 per accident) and Part 5 allows you to add higher coverage limits (50/100, 100/300, 250/500, etc.) depending on your needs.


Damage to your vehicle caused by collision which is covered by Part 7 of the Mass auto policy. You can choose deductible amounts such as 300, 500, 1000 depending on your preferences and budget.


Damage to your vehicle caused by something other than collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism or glass damage. You may choose among various deductibles, and you can choose zero deductible on glass repair.

Declarations Page

Sometimes called the "coverage selection page" this is the cover page of your policy which summarizes the coverages and charges for each coverage in your policy.


The amount you pay before your insurance coverage kicks in. You pay higher annual premium to keep low deductibles or you can save premium by choosing higher deductibles. Your choices depend on your financial situation and your attitudes about self-insuring certain levels of risk.


A change in coverage to an existing policy, which you may choose to do at any time during a policy period with the help of your agent.

Household member

A key definition in the Mass auto policy, all licensed household members must be listed as drivers or coverage for accidents might be denied. Household members are "anyone living in your household who is related to you by blood, marriage or adoption. This includes wards, step-children or foster children."

No-loss Statement

In the context of a policy cancellation and request for re-instatement, a "no-loss" says that no claims will be made for the time period between the cancel date and the re-in-statement date. This statement is required before re-instatement is allowed.


The amount of money charged for insurance coverage during a given time period. Most auto and homeowners policies are written for a one year term and the rates are figured in annual premium. Be careful if you are comparing rates among different companies- some companies will quote a six-month rate without making a point to tell you that it is not an annual policy.

Replacement Cost

The amount of money required to replace your house or car today, given its age, features and updates. For the homeowners policy the question is, "How much could you build the house for today?" This figure is all about materials and labor costs for the building itself, and excludes the value of the land.


A schedule is a list of designated items that are insured at agreed upon values established by independent appraisals. Common items to schedule are jewelry, watchs, silverware, valuable art work or musical instruments.


Under Mass auto insurance regulations you may be charged more if you have at-fault accidents or moving violations on your driving record. These surcharges are added to your annual premium and can last up to six years. Conversely, a clean driving record will make you eligible for substantial discounts.

Umbrella Policy

A policy that goes beyond the auto and homeowners liability coverages to protect you if you are sued in a catastrophic type of loss. Umbrella limits are commonly 1 million dollars or more, and are offered at reasonable rates so long as the underlying auto and homeowner liability coverages are at agreed upon levels.